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Mobile Europe
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Mobile Europe
Mobile Europe is a BPA-audited, bi-monthly print and digital magazine dedicated to the European mobile industry, with a circulation of over 5,700 and a digital readership of over 16,000.
Investigating the rapidly changing trends and patterns, Mobile Europe reaches, informs and educates countless key industry decision makers including mobile operators, service providers, OEMs as well as large enterprises that influence and shape the global mobile sector.
(Including embedded video interviews)

Digital Issue: Small Cells World Summit 2013
18 June 2013

Digital Issue: Mobile World Congress 2013
15 March 2013



Future of Wireless: White space provokes heated debate in Cambridge
02 July 2013

LTE World Summit: Operators bow before content as 4G LTE differentiator
25 June 2013

EE queries competitors while laying out 4G LTE strategies on transport routes
06 June 2013

Orange Business Services claims cloud Unified Communications launch first
23 April 2013

Tyntec challenges RCS-e by bringing telco-web OTT convergence to P4’s PLAY
10 April 2013

Panasonic Avionics promotes airplane Wi-Fi with first mid-air Tweetathon
09 April 2013

Facebook launches ‘family of apps’ home screen for Android smartphones
04 April 2013

O2 undercuts UK train booking app rivals with new launch
28 March 2013

Motorola debuts TETRA radio with image capture, apps for emergency services
26 March 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 threatens Apple with NFC features, better user experience
15 March 2013

MWC 2013: NFC might not be dead in the water after all?
08 March 2013

Almost all of Mobile Europe’s daily news website is written by me. To view more news stories and features, please go to: http://www.mobileeurope.co.uk/


Techworld is a leader in Enterprise IT publishing that offers the latest breaking IT industry news, product reviews, enterprise software downloads, how-to articles and expert blogs for technical professionals and enterprise users in the UK.


Update: Twitter suffers widespread password security breach
08 November 2012

Megaupload preparing to relaunch file-hosting site
24 September 2012

UK ISPs urged to block three more BitTorrent websites
23 October 2012

The Pirate Bay sails away into the cloud by virtualising its servers
17 October 2012

Edifier Tick Tock Dock review
16 February 2012

Sony debuts new Android 4.0 Xperia Miro and Tipo via Facebook campaign
13 June 2012

Asteroids Gunner for iPhone review
15 December 2011

All hail the new iPhone 5: Fans queue in London Slideshow
21 September 12

Apple’s iPad 2012 – everything you need to know
09 March 2012

Apple iPhone 5: So what’s new? Slideshow
13 September 12

Look out Virgin – Sky: Google TV coming to the UK
26 August 2011

BAE Systems designs Harry Potter invisibility cloak for tanks
06 September 2011


Computerworld UK, the ‘Voice of IT Management’, is the largest and most trusted source for the information needs of enterprise IT management across the globe, aiming to assist IT professionals to navigate an increasingly cluttered information landscape by understanding the real issues and consistently delivering relevant, high-quality content to enrich knowledge and expertise.


HP acquisitions – The good, the bad and the ugly Slideshow
22 November 12

Twitter users told to change passwords over widespread security breach
08 November 12

Alan Turing – Codebreaking, computing and bigotry
22 June 12

Channel 4 to launch 4Seven catch-up TV channel based on Twitter, Facebook popularity
09 March 12

Europe and US warn of possible HFT clampdown
22 February 12

Microsoft Surface tablet – The new Windows 8 device in pictures
20 June 12

MP Tom Watson caught out by intern’s Twitter hijack
26 January 12

UK government offers PC with a year’s broadband for £159
23 May 12

WHSmith take on Kindle Fire with Kobo Touch ereaders
14 October 11

Who’s suing who in the IT industry Slideshow
12 October 11

Apple’s iWallet will use Bluetooth rather than NFC, says analyst
22 May 12

Amazon UK releases keyboard-less Kindle for just £89
29 September 11

Anonymous hater claims responsibility for Pirate Bay DDoS attack
17 May 12

Ofcom frees BT customers from rollover contracts
14 September 11

Judge rules that UK ISPs must block Pirate Bay
30 April 12

Divided we stand, united we fall: HP splits webOS team
06 September 11

Anonymous threatening to kill Internet over SOPA, Lulzsec
30 March 12

Back to black – Spotify on track for first profit
30 August 11

The best Apple ads during the Steve Jobs age Slideshow
26 August 11

Tesco Direct sells iPad 3 for £50, website crashes after online tip-off
13 March 12

The future of HP hangs in the balance
25 August 11


Macworld UK
Macworld UK is the EU’s number one Apple and Mac portal, offering up-to-date news, reviews, featured articles and lively debate from the Mac community.


Orangutans use Apple iPads for fun and ‘mental stimulus’
28 January 13

‘Find My iPhone’-style glitch sends people to innocent Las Vegas man’s house
22 January 13

SilverLit Interactive Bluetooth Remote Control Enzo Ferrari review
21 December 12

Pocket Warwick review
3 December 12

Apple’s iWallet to use Bluetooth not NFC, analyst
23 May 12


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