“There’s a zombie on your lawn…”

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Okay, this is just sooooo cute that it deserves a post at 1am in the morning. PopCap Games have an awesome application on Facebook hosting Bejewelled Blitz competitions (which in itself is a fabulous idea, as you can compete with all your friends), and they’re now highlighting a new game they want to launch, “Plants vs. Zombies”. Doesn’t sound like much of a fight there, but to me the true genius lies in the way they’re launching the game. They’ve put up this incredibly cute music video trailer that plays automatically once the application loads (which is new technology for Facebook in itself!), and everyone needs to watch it below, now!

Apparently the reviews coming in say it’s really fun and a good laugh, so I hope I can get my hands on a copy! I love zombies, and this seems to be done in the fabulous tradition of Jonathan Coulton, the wonderful bard behind, “Re: Your Brains”. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have ten seconds to click on the video below before I give the zombies your I.P. Address. Peace out. :P

    5 Responses to ““There’s a zombie on your lawn…””

    1. Howard says:

      The Zombies on the Lawn video is very sweet. Such a new concept to have cute Zombies, but Zombies v Plants sounds a rather unequal battle – what do the plants have to do to win in this game?

    2. admin says:

      Watch the video! It’s explained… they use solar rays and something else :P xxoo

    3. Howard says:

      I should have suspected….

    4. Christine says:

      I’ve yet to meet a Johnathan Coulton video I didn’t like.
      I’ve really been on a zombie kick in recent months. They’re the new vampire.

    5. Mick says:

      He he he. This looks like fun, I can’t wait to give it a try.