Fox Writer fired for condoning download of leaked Wolverine film

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This piece of news REALLY needs to be filed under a new blog category I am going to create right now called, “How f***ing stupid are you?!”

THE DEAL: A man – Roger Friedman – works hard as a writer, works his way up the journalistic ladder and eventually gets a cushy job as a regular gossip columnist on Fox news website’s 411 section for 10 years – a job, by the way, that I would KILL to have. And then you know what he does? He downloads the leaked version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which is, by the way, a Twentieth Century Fox film), reviews it, and in his review he condones the illegal downloading of the film!

The leaked copy of X-Men Origins:
is easily downloadable
on any top Torrent website

Oh My God. Did this guy just suddenly wake up one day and forget who his employers are? I’m sorry, but I really don’t think the issue is censorship here, just abject stupidity.

The issue to me is not that he downloaded the film – in all honesty, although downloading is easier sometimes, people who actually like watching films and like the X-Men franchise and Wolverine are still going to go out en mass to the cinema and pay out their money, and buy the special edition DVD when it comes out, me included. But given all the massive fuss made over the leaked Wolverine film (although seriously! Green screen is not that fun to watch, compared to properly animated CGI!), even to the extent of the FBI being called in to investigate, you might think he would have had a clue. By all accounts this guy is pretty famous though and seems to command some sort of respect in the film industry for his reviews, so I can only suppose that he went temporarily insane.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: I am wondering though – do you think if he reviewed a rival distributor’s film, it would have been okay, or do you think Fox would still have fired him for condoning illegal downloading?

    8 Responses to “Fox Writer fired for condoning download of leaked Wolverine film”

    1. - says:

      all publicity is good publicity I guess,
      As you pointed out.. too clever to be a stupid move.. so its either a sever case of prinipalitis, or a a stunt to get people talking about him.

      Piracy is popular with the youth of today ;)

    2. Mick says:

      Never assume conspiracy where incompetence will suffice! Maybe he’s just bored with his life and is having a nervous breakdown?

      P.S. Pirates are cool :P

    3. Sam says:

      Can you say midlife crisis? lol
      Maybe he figured since he’s been there for so long that he would receive no punishment.
      But that would be stupid thinking.. : /
      Fun read.

    4. Christine says:

      I half wonder if he was actually thinking he was doing good for his company. His “review” was the only one that was relatively positive out of maybe 6 or so reviews that I’ve read.

    5. Becki says:

      I imagine he would have got the sack anyway, a 20 C Fox employee condoning illegal downloading regardless of the source, would be up for the chop. Good story.

    6. Dorna says:

      Oooooh touchy subject! Im not sure all the truth has surfaced, although it seems like stupidity nowadays with famous people is just a stunt for more publicity!? So who knows might get a higher paying job next lol

    7. Jan says:

      Lol! Maybe he thought he was being “kewl” and “with it”. :P

    8. kishon Brathwaite says:

      that guy was irresponsible and dumb he got what was coming to him