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majestica v3

After a three-year-long hiatus, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Majestica, my personal web presence, is back! This time round, I’ve finally got a proper domain of my own (that’s been paid for, for two years!), so hopefully I’ll eventually start uploading more downloadable graphic layouts and other content, as before.

Digital Portfolio
As you may have noticed, a big reason for Majestica‘s continued existence is to host my Digial Portfolio, because, well, I’m a broke student about to graduate, who needs a job. Here you can view high-res versions of all my articles, print layouts and websites by clicking the thumbnail images. Gone are the days spent waiting exasperatedly for PDFs to load while thinking of what you’re going to have for lunch/do tonight – you don’t have to download a thing. The nifty new Lightbox plugin I’ve installed takes care of it all :) And yes, even if I do get a job, I promise I’ll continue blogging :P

Graphic Layouts
A lot of my original audience for Majestica Version 2 were Neopets‘ users (the site that gave me my first Web Design award) and I designed a lot of layouts for them, so it’s sad that I don’t have a way to contact them anymore to let them know I’m back. This time round though, I’m going to be aiming slightly higher than Neopets – think Twitter profile backgrounds, MySpace profile layouts, and hopefully at some point, even WordPress themes, once I learn to widgetise the sidebar!

Another new feature of my website is the blog, which I’m actually going to finally make a concerted effort to update frequently. I’ve never really been much a one for blogs, as although I love writing, I don’t really like keeping diaries of my daily life. So, this blog will aim to highlight interesting topics in the form of re-purposed articles, as well as commentary about anything new, current, intriguing or fantastical that interests me :) The film reviews will be back too! I might even back-blog a few I’ve written in the past year.

I really hope you enjoy my new website – comments, feedback and tips about anything and everything are always welcome, I’d really love to hear from you, so please contact me! :)